This week in the South Carolina State House, I was able to help advance an unemployment tax cut for small businesses and provide tax relief to veterans. But, before, I get into what we did last week, I wanted to let you know how I will be casting my vote this upcoming week.

This upcoming week, I will vote to non-concur on the Senate-approved legislation of their version of Constitutional Carry. The bill coming over from the Senate is not constitutional carry, and therefore, I will vote to not concur, which will send it to a conference committee.

The only thing that protects us from overreach from the federal government is the 2nd Amendment. I voted for Constitutional Carry last year and will continue to vote to own and bear arms as set forth in our United States Constitution.

Cutting Unemployment Taxes and Reforming Benefits

On Wednesday, I was proud to vote for a bill that reforms unemployment benefits by reducing taxes for small businesses and help fill vacant jobs with South Carolinians (H.4710).

The bill details are below:

✓ Lowers unemployment tax rates for small businesses
✓ Encourages unemployed workers to return to work
✓ Helps employers fill the 161,000 jobs we have open today in the state with workers from South Carolina

Supporting Our Veterans

On Thursday, I supported the passage of H.3116, the Veterans’ Property Tax Exemption bill, which extends property tax exemptions to permanently and totally disabled veterans and, thoughtfully amended by the Senate, to their surviving spouses. The bill now heads to Governor Henry McMaster for his signature.

This legislation is a clear demonstration of my dedication to honoring and supporting our veterans and their families.