Dorchester County, S.C. – Robby Robbins is proud to announce he has earned the support of the pro-business South Carolina Chamber PAC for his 2022 campaign for the S.C. House of Representatives.

In deciding to support Robby Robbins, the SC Chamber PAC cited Robby’s commitment to working with the business community to make South Carolina the best state in the nation to live, work, and do business.

“Robby would be a valuable partner for the business community in the General Assembly,” said SC Chamber President and CEO Bob Morgan. “From strengthening South Carolina’s business tax climate to investing in infrastructure to addressing our workforce challenges, among other issues, Robby understands the importance of improving our state’s economic competitiveness. With Robby’s help, we will continue to make critical progress towards making South Carolina’s economy the most vibrant in the United States, creating opportunity and prosperity for all.”

The SC Chamber PAC Board determines which candidates to support in races for South Carolina House seats based on their support for top priorities of the business community.

About the SC Chamber PAC: The South Carolina Chamber PAC is a non-partisan, voluntary organization made up of South Carolina Chamber of Commerce investors that works to advance good government, pro-growth policies, and elect pro-jobs, pro-South Carolina leaders to the General Assembly. Our PAC realizes that there are two ways to impact policy: from the outside, with targeted, issues-based messaging, and from the inside, by helping elect and support like-minded candidates who represent pro-business values. Learn more at