The S.C. Energy Security Act is Important to South Carolina and House District 97

Last week marked an important deadline in the South Carolina State House. It was the crossover deadline. This is the date that bills must have moved from one chamber to the other to have a chance of becoming law this session.

One important bill that matters greatly to House District 97 is the South Carolina Energy Security Act. South Carolina has an energy problem. Because of our growing population and the increase in industry across our state, we must produce more energy. We need to secure our energy future by creating strong policies that allow for sustainable production of energy.

At the heart of this strategy is a proposed natural gas plant in Canadys. The Energy Security Act will allow Dominion Energy and Santee Cooper to move forward with permitting this natural gas plant. In addition to producing much-needed energy for the state, this natural gas plant will also create great construction jobs and permanent jobs for the citizens of Colleton County and surrounding areas. It will also be a tremendous revenue producer for Colleton County.

The House passed the Energy Security Act at the end of March and the Senate Judiciary Committee reported the bill favorably last week. The full Senate will debate the Energy Security Act during the week of April 15.

Combating Organized Retail Crime

As a former prosecutor, I place a priority on not only protecting our families and neighborhoods but also our businesses. We have seen a rise in what is called organized retail theft, the smash-and-grab type of theft of jewelry stores and other places.

Last week, the House of Representatives debated and passed a bill (H.4187) that establishes that when two or more people conspire to commit theft of a retail store, they can be charged with the offense of ‘organized retail crime’ that comes with enhanced felony penalties. A first theft offense under $2,000 would no longer be a misdemeanor and could result in three years of prison time and a $5,000 fine. Serial thieves could get 20 years in the slammer.

This type of retail theft results in skyrocketing customer prices because businesses need to recoup their losses, and consumers pay more to compensate for stolen goods. We need to send a clear message that South Carolina will not tolerate it.

Line Item Healthcare Bills Finally

In our ongoing commitment to transparency, the House passed H.4622, ensuring that healthcare providers must provide patients with an itemized bill in plain language within 30 days. This initiative, aimed at demystifying healthcare costs, will empower you with clear information about the financial aspects of your care.

Eliminating ‘Woke-ism’ in Our Colleges

In another recent vote, the S.C. House passed H.4289, signaling a clear stance against DEI ideology influencing college admissions and employment decisions. This landmark legislation ensures no diversity pledges can dictate admissions or job outcomes, halts mandatory diversity training, and upholds the unassailable right to free speech. It’s an affirmation of our commitment to equality and academic freedom, safeguarding our institutions against bias and promoting fairness in line with federal laws and standards.

  • Bans the use of diversity pledges in college admissions and job decision
  • Stops required diversity training
  • Protects free speech and treats all viewpoints equally
  • Keeps colleges in line with federal laws and standards