Fixing Our Roads

Our roads need to be fixed. Robby knows this and has worked to make our roads better. And he’s been reforming the system to ensure that money goes to priority projects, not political ones.

For the last six years, Robby has served as SCDOT Commissioner for the First Congressional District, where he helped reform the agency, and implement a 10 year plan to correct a backlog of maintenance and fix our roads throughout the State.

Prior to that, Robby helped pass and serve on a transportation board in Dorchester County that helped build, repair, and pave roads throughout Dorchester County, including the widening of Bacon’s Bridge and Dorchester Roads and the completion of the Berlin Myers Parkway.

Robby’s priorities include creating a permanent funding source for maintenance and road capacity, widening I-95 and I-26, and making the rural roads in District 97 safer.